0. Mission

Intends being a reference at the sea industry, through the commercialization of good quality fish, creating a higher value for all the business partners.

1. Vision

To be a notorious enterprise at the national and international market and financially independent, assuming itself as an important business partner in its sector, with the fulfillment of continuing promoting the local economy and to contribute to the development of a sector of great tradition in Portugal and Algarve.

2. Values

  • Respect and Confidence
  • Experience
  • Thoroughness
  • Quality Products
  • Responsibility
  • Financial Sustainability

3. Quality Policy

António Viegas Guerreiro is a company which dedicates to the commercialization (importation and exportation) of fresh fish, sea food and fishing products, with or without transformation and tries to serve the market betting continuously in the quality of its products and provided services, seeking to meet to the necessities and expectations of its clients.

For such it bases its activities on the following principles:

  • Betting on the internal organization of resources and means so as to enhance the growth and development of the Company.
  • Bet on meeting deadlines and business patterns agreed, promoting close relationships and trust with the customer in order to maximize their satisfaction and loyalty;
  • Establish a partnership relationship with suppliers, so that they integrate the Management System implemented;
  • Involve all employees in the Quality Management System and food security in force within the Company, as active elements in its implementation;
  • Availability of qualified human resources and with the necessary motivation to achieve the set objectives;
  • Availability of infrastructures and appropriate equipments to activities developed;
  • Invest in products of recognized quality so as to improve the positioning of the company in national and international markets;
  • Ensure proper environmental performance through good practices that minimize the impacts associated with their activity;
  • Know and comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, including those relating to food safety and its system implemented, assuming a responsible behavior in accordance with the same;

It also takes a commitment to continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality system, developing and honoring the principles defined above, ensuring the involvement of all employees and compliance with the established goals.